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          FREE  Information  Help-Line

           Compliments of  Center 4
          All of this information is absolutely FREE. All phone #'s are verified before being liste There is no information listed
         with a purchase required or S&H fees at all.
                  Keep For Your Personal Reference
          800-688-9889--- Get free info on any U.S. Government Agency
                            service or program.
          800-829-1040--- Free Money! Over $100 million in unclaimed
                            I.R.S.refunds.Check it out, one maybe yours.
          800-569-4287--- HUD free counseling for homebuyers,
                            homeowners,and tenants.
          800-638-1040--- I.R.S. forms.personal and business tax help.
          800-638-6833--- Medicare hotline - free Medicare cards,booklets
                            and information.
          800-633-4227--- Medicare hotline - for phone# to your state
                            health insurance program.
          800-422-6237--- National Cancer Institute - free booklets,info
                            and locations.
          800-876-7060--- National Fraud Information Center -free info and
                            reported scams.
          800-827-1000--- Veterans Affairs - free claims,payments, benefits
                             and loan information.
          800-772-1213--- Social Security Administration - free claims help
                            booklets, replace cards.
          800-878-3256--- Free consumer information catalog.
          800-677-1116--- Free Eldercare services- A nationwide
                            community services locator for the elderly.
         800-642-2227--- Free credit counseling from C.C.C. A non-profit
         800-669-4000--- Equal Employment Opportunity Commission -
                            If you believe you have been discriminated
                            against by an employer.
         800-555-1212--- AT&T 800 Directory Assistance Services - For any
         800-942-4242--- National Insurance Consumer help-line- for all insusance matters.
         800-275-8777--- U.S. Postal Service- for any postal question.
         888-878-3256--- Consumer Problems? Free catalog,website at:







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